Galveston Daily News

February 25, 1865

Issue date: Saturday, February 25, 1865
Pages available: 2
Previous edition: Friday, February 24, 1865 - Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions
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  • Publication name: Galveston Daily News
  • Location: Galveston, Texas
  • Pages available: 2
  • Years available: 1865 - 2016
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Pages 1 - 2 of the Galveston Daily News February 25, 1865.

OCR Text

Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - February 25, 1865, Galveston, Texas VOL. L] 25, x-._.. -_T hc- nub! it: rjiuii seuais, at this h, I- Gllcd with Tiie leiier of Ji.-'dse Mills, wliom a true y.'.triot. IMS the V usou a iinestion of. para- '-rU-f'a-" ''k.0 who'v' country. The to tlwt'lftirtr. show wilh what not diem to couio'inlo tlio fiold of liouor to march to martini music and feel the clash of sieel.Xnit we do entreat theni to ceiwie )i'ight- eniug our wives and .ohildreiv with the nry raw hend and bloody lionra of subjn- gaiion. LHt tliotu. gro Into history mid. tligrui wnat nations have suffurod' in worsii eu'.ise IhnTi ours. Go to Greece, .iiu'tl there bu- hol'l. Athens and Spnrta smitten to the earth- by 1'ers.ia's mighty scepter, and yet, in the immo of 'Hbtirty. sm'ergo'd mifl buqiifatlieil Thoc- and Le'onidiis to' tho to show pos- whnt mair. cau iictioinplish. mc for life n.nd liberty, Look ut'ttm Guerilla patriots of Sp'iin. Look ixi the ia ISit olonghi. whore -even thf? lbiii.rht und ell. grappling with the savngo Turks until they urelmsed freedom for their uat'on. Nay. let of the Ilonrbon tfmwiu is hv svmpathy for L'nuli- .-mUiae'u the S-.'W- ami :it -.-lie n'-kV.'vvs no mofivi- but ititefctit. lie rve tins Continent: of our intestine, feuds. "'j.j'i'.-livrDi Monroe doctrine in its voiy. jilaiued a monarchy upon o: ;'10 Montezntuas. RJi'l L.iWv 'Jali'iTuia Sonora a Hi-has crowned >la.xi- his grasping scheme T' of the imperial ii He !n3 forgotten the fouiiish- o: iris man of barrer: rd.-.k-i of St. Helena, and become will abandon bis uiag- America for all the Sic Vaw- o; '.Is--' Liiieoln-fseward tyranny. hava a friend haul by npuii llse unjettlwl pillars of M iMfe-sesson. anil to oB' the core- ?uen a friend he cau finit only 'iM come home to Uie of. ;7 Tho umUbodeckecl. ,willi '.Irom'tho. Soutli, and LI majority oTtuetu are prajllng for the' early of. .fliu't hop'p'y when the sinful Phillistinus ahull I'rwia tho promised In'nd, thstl'thoy" may.'.como. fiiward uutl select tbcir. homos in. Dixie.. .-..We are to be exwrminnt'od, and llioy iuhBrii all we p'ossess.. Uow shall WK combilt this fpcifiig.Y How ahull-' we correct the public 'senttmo.iit uf-tho Nortlj 1 Is it possible to.doso by ruimijniug at htme, re- ceiving: of their hirelings, and'entlur- injc thtj wrongs lienpedinpoa lis 1. Will Our sul- fericg anil misery excite sympathy.' and re- dress out1 wrongs? the rarap of tlio Brittou w.i's board on overy foot if from Maine to Florida. Suvannnli, I'iuvlivtou, Wilmington. IV.dimond, n'nfl every o'-hernmponnnt town in every Colony fell into he enemy's hands. Our mothers, with children., were drjvcn. liive wild- to the lliotw. isitiMi upon roots nncl -acorns. Our Congress item pliice to pl.iee at the point, of iioyonet slavery was nbnlishod by tlio (JoTisv.nors our little nrmyl nnkert. bare- 'iiot ancT hungry, ware ever on the retreat ro'rn- the victorious nnd wns reduced BO ow. at lominate everybody for Governor cease to fitch c-j-ase to worship gold, and sird our loins. for tetiie. This is the only road to an Kunor- tf's. must breast the storm of battle, if wi to be free. WP. must not. like spuniels. fie and beg the world for hel p. Let y? nerve our own arms and invoke the help of God aione fie helped David He scan DV his holy in trie lion's den He '.'own the prison walls and freed the man of He gave victory to Israel, without s'terwi tf thtir slaves. HE is the same and He will- Moscow, February H. 1SG5. EDITOR Nsws writer in the Telegraph the 10th instant, in an article "A Gltinen at tilt; informs us that, "wo have, not invaded the North, because Prcsi adopted a wise poliay, and that an invasion of thu North would but excite the Northern people, and arouse the indomitable energies of the enemy to renewed ore. This vrriier has no doubt forgntton Mr. Davis's speech at Mohtgoiuery. v.-'.ien chosen provisional President ot the Confederacy, in which he assured us would "carry-the war into Africa tliat they should feol.South- ern Hence, this wise policy of Pre- sident. Davis after thought; it.reached him, rip doubt, through the Deiaocra- ey'1. of the North, wlio so gracioMsly "voliin- iecrect to save the Confederacy by their timejy we were going North they would .conic South, Just what I should want thoiu to do, for then they would not be at home to impede our operations there. They might, burn my house and kill my family. God Uoowa I would not return until my nc- was nsl'ull as theirs; for couturius to come ifoilid not educe my tracks through the The idea that we should not retaliate upon the Northern people, is the oll'spring of cowardice Wilt they let us alone unless we make .them' How-cau wo mako. them? Shnll we do it by turning the other oheek, that, they may smite it What folly. tooth for .a .Take. an eye for un eye Settle every wrong, every and wise council, after th's first .'battle iia many a bloody "oati.le it was a nice .little trick, no doubt affording much mirth to Sew- ard. Greyley. Go. But the President, 1 hope by zbis time, has resolved-to fall back upon, his own original judgment, which was correct, arid the'only eourse left to save us. We must invade the jforth it is fallacy to-say that it would excite the Northorii people and induce them to" tight iis harder or with greater desper- ation the theory is .t'alae, and sustained by Use reasoning. There' never was a more er- onebus idea than llm universal one, that sol-, ierswill fight bardor on 'their .own than on ireigu soil. The reverse is generally true, "he history of the Sherman raid through Geof- iii proves the-.theoryfatae. The. history (if url 3reign wars sustains me iii the assertion. It s true that a people will meet an invading orce upon theirboruer withdelerniinalion-and evolution, bnt tlie threshold once passed, the nvacliiil pcorile become at once demoralizeu, nd retreat, like cowed chick-uasor ogs. .Tue. people of. Louifianii met thu.Tan- ;ee3.with spirit ut I'orts and Phillip, utso soon ns the Yankees pacsail the focts outrage, by wrong and outrage, in retaliation I'enJ them on the same. food; pay them in the same coin; theui tuey will bogia tu reflect; Uieu those Northern isms will -begin., to count the cost. Then, when they read the lluming ac counts of their outrages in the" South, they wil tremble for the.consoqnences.. Aud when thcj see the smoke ascencliag, and behok tite ruin desolation of their own. once quit and happy homes, their. 'It saved Washington City., -.condemn them, and they, will' acknowledge the s of Manassus it caused Jiand of God in chastisement, Qiiid be willing to, conclude. tit once ihe child's bargain with and upt one day sooner. .They laugh at on hopes of peace, and rejoice. in. our prospective subjugation, and revel -in .bright anticipation! yestsr-iav. to day and foti ielp aj, and that scon. 1 atrca'.'y tuo (JorJ from the fliri- liis reci anu aati bii Slie tbtiadcra roll; I IS-.- Ml his f.iri..? .'.3d o'er ttifiir guilty hwd." Are 17? a race of eunuchs, fit only to a Turkish h jrem. or are '.ve the chifdren of fhe veterans? Sba'i ve sell slavery, the legacy of our fath- legacy hallowed by the best blood of the -to purchase indepcRdegc'e? Go to :bt- red of Manassas, ShafpsBurg and Sbiioh. where the lone night-bird chants her evening requiem over the hecatombs of gal- Jar; who have fallen: in itrjrgie hr independence, and tell their whiten- ed bones that you ate so base, so you are ready to abandon the cause tor which they fell, and kiss the rod that smote !o the aust V.'faa: do our people mean 1 Are ;-ive con- quered; Are we bound hand and. J I'lai'f.tert'l timidity, disaffection isonly amongst the citizens. Thanl. God! tM brave boys in their "barracks. an( ti'o'ighout the Confederacy, are frill of hope aai.1 courage, and stand ready to march forth bauuer brand nnd bow, bis mortal foe." bltifls of the have severed our. murderer. OUT people, ,-nckeii our cities, and d OL and temples, still the spirll of llberl AID virei in our soldiery, who hurl back, througl the clangor of arms and the smoke of battle, intc the very teeth of the foe; the cry of LISEKTY OP. Let our people, then, take-courage., .AVe of'the liberal division of the spoils, we endure When And mlis shall .ou wrongs be redressed? Every speaker and ever; writer should, come forward .-and arouse th man. white and black in the South, should come forward to .the res cue. We should go North ami stay they pray for peace. Let .them couie .South during our absence, welcome. .We wil conquer., the North while they, conquer th South.. .We will seize upon all Uicy iiavi their families..had. Household hoi them until they give us our own in return, an pay us.all this boot we ask. The advocates of the Fab'ian policy are easil known by their continued exclamations': "Jus let tho-'Yiiakues come here, nnd we will giv them -I have seen- the Yankees come her and tliat same sort run like I -have see men .fight bravely live- hundred miles frbt home, and I have seei -che. same met: desert he .whole country became demoralised, iindto within' home to-scek UIP, safety of iV certain know'lodfge, one town with a popu-1 themselves and .'.family.- -The same results vould follow an invasion'of the North. .Should vc invade Western. Stales, Sew England .roops might there'meet us.manfully, tint the' Westuru troops, seek indi- vidual safety. An ariny will figttt desperately when desperately situated. a's-Cortez had his in Mexico, after destroying his fleet atid ail hopes of. retreat. Three hundred thousam'l Southern soldiers Mil i to EH I do htnby KHtM W ctixreir.U'mlDg iht'ra'd Trnul, or .k n t Ihe mmi >oi tn ca Mo tht emu at Mid lUt I'WT brfon.tiMI Court to th> rtiv ol aowhn M litM odar In V.reh. D 18H; Ud Itart for DM wacaM 16 iMr alb- itilniii in Ihtt bthtlf. Ihe 18th dijof -WM, T C. 1. AUCTldN SALE! c- I, S, J. B SYDNOR LARGEST' MERCHANDISE SALE We MmA I bard DOW pleAssrc cf cfferiof, ON TU1JDAY, HBtlOART 3Mb, MM, W -tm. hni tnm .will to put UMM: In m liny era for Ibelr am To Close Bnkf (IIWool.' 3 flBtT AMflTWKIM.diiBkltwMlk. JO ABMY CLOTH. 1 Om CREAM (.ATD'FOtr funii. I XKQLI8U Bltt. CAP." ,1 i ORBAM LBFTM S JNSIiHH rOObaC 1 UNI BLOT KXlColli KT. "BALIIff SOD V MANILLA BOH 'J Ollkl COLLISi' '1 ud WHITB BNTBLOPM I OIPICIiL BKTBLOPBt .1 SBOHMAKBBa' 1.3UU Tooli t MBfMt MMI 1 CM. f ADD LIBS' TOOU; plcle kMottnuila) kMf itf Tfcolf. 1 Osst POOKBT IOOK8, ill, I KNIVJia AMD tlic H. 13, 1865.- DEAR OLD NEWS: The Empire. .may .be 're- arded as fully established. From -one. end 'oi Mexico to .the other Maximilian, has. not, so. to spenlc. an 'enemy-in arms.; the seetls of an- archy-: have by -no means Cieeu.-ilestrbyecl by the comiiidsfc of c'Quntry. The great the. immediate fruits that'. we.' heed .have no of locil insurrection NoKvithstancling the fact that .thei'monster RevdSiition has been destroyed 4he gieat woik of .Tmpire is yet to be consummated "A people raised with arms in their accustomed- to re pect no law and rioting in the spo ts ot the gladintor cannol he metimorphosed by Imperial deciec into Doof your leaders, because most of the property equesterecl in. Brownsville will .be litigated ipon sonic one of the grounds .suggested, .and ippo them, ownership will have to be. deter mined. in the Gotiza'lcs court. no inter 140 'doin PC. AT BAi-TABP Md X BOCSP FILM ii'o Jc.-.n KILL tttw- wttma. SOD ddtobf.t PBKMO1J QmRIHB It BA9OJWO :IO kt (t GUI HAIIA, QB 8 cutf nixtlor 10 IMIH 8AM COLLlNr AJCIi. 13 IALTR. Sfl.OOO BLIT'8 PISTOL MBTAL BDTTON8 3b.klBLt7l TWILLCP VLANNU 3 cUnOBBAIt Of TABTAB: e CMM BLCB BOTBD PAPBB, ICUHIMH. SUIiPHtlll. PBINTlHd P4PBB. of POTI.KBTTLW any of the many cases. Von, will .pardon me for exclaiming: May .Goa save a people, whom.thc'Tnnkeea plunder for. being rebels and whom.'the Confederates plunder for .being' Yankees! .-._. .r. .Trade is inbre .than ever (lull. .Cotton is more .than ever fluctiiating. .Tery ilittle is do- ing in anything. Foreign exchange has taken Riidden rise .in the market and has gone up frqnv 106 :-to 111 to cent. above'par. to-day.. .Though our market is well stocked .withjgoods of nearly all description prices are firm. The truth is holders must lose if; they "sell at materially less than -present 1 much Oonbt if tho New York, p ir chasers make a profit o.f two per cent, o-n staple- goods, and when we consider that it takes six months to realize, under 'nnfiivprable circumstances, it will -not be difficult to account for the contiiiue'd, high. .prices, last week I 'qrio'ted cotton .at 3Gc.; three' days afterwards it is since rallied ana may be for a merchantable lell lo 30o bnt it safely quoted, at article1 bo! Cortina left here yesterday for "Victoria with a force tofigritMemlez who Ii at the bend a nranaa of the Juirez faction Several trams bare been litely robbed be tweenUrownsviIle and (he Arroyo Colorado by Confeflerite States soldiers whnkjr was toe cinse notwithstanding it, u well as jour cor respondent, isj runas UA of -CTW7 a OKI bMt BNOLUU MDSTABD 8AK 1BOH. 2 larg. BLACKBHITB'I BBLLOWi 4 MM BWOLIIH TWB1D louiIIKB BBOWirLIMBlr DULL 4 burtli UNIBBD Olli. BOO SOLD LAOB. Bl. Will want of U.IM9 la b n tlH 1 cut B 1NTS' HO IB OOflBB. POOLWAP f I mtt BROOKr (POOL THBBAij: CBAIIf. h.iW isw A B _ ;